ilium Meloxicam Suspension for Cats


ilium Meloxicam Suspension for Cats is for the alleviation of inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Available as: 10mL and 30mL

Product Information

Alleviation of inflammation and pain in acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders such as discospondylitis, arthropathy and soft tissue injuries. Management of febrile conditions in combination with appropriate antibiotics.

Dosage and Admin

Shake the bottle well before use. Dose using the dosing syringe or via the drop method. Administer orally either mixed with food or directly into the mouth around meal times. Initial treatment is a single dose of meloxicam 0.1 mg/kg bodyweight on the first day. Continue treatment by oral administration once daily (at 24 hour intervals), at a maintenance dose rate of 0.05 mg/kg bodyweight. Particular care should be given with regard to accuracy of dosing.


Do not use in food producing species of animals. Use of this product is contraindicated in animals suffering from cardiac, hepatic or clinical renal disease. Older cats being considered for chronic treatment should be screened for pre-existing renal, hepatic or gastrointestinal disorders or hypovolaemia (using haematology, serum biochemical analysis and urinalysis as necessary), before administration of Meloxicam 0.5 Anti-Inflammatory Oral Suspension for Cats. Use is contraindicated in any dehydrated, hypovolaemic or hypotensive animal as there is the risk of renal toxicity. Use is contraindicated in animals when there is possibility of gastrointestinal ulceration or bleeding, or when there is evidence of a haemorrhagic disorder or individual hypersensitivity to the product.