ilium Ketoprofen 50mL


ilium Ketoprofen is a non-steroidal analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent for use in horses and cattle.

Product Information

Suppression of untoward inflammatory reactions and associated pain and fever. It may be used in the following conditions in horses and cattle. Musculoskeletal conditions. Traumatic joint and connective tissue disease, osteoarthritis, exertional myopathy, tenosynovitis and tendon and ligament sprains. Surgery. Postsurgical inflammation, after abdominal surgery, administration prior to surgery in selected procedures. Ophthalmic conditions. Traumatic corneal ulcers, keratitis, anterior and posterior uveitis and orbital trauma. Colic. Ketoprofen has an equivalent analgesic effect to flunixin in cases of visceral pain. Ketoprofen should be used in colic cases where surgery will not be conducted for economic reasons, or where an accurate diagnosis indicates that surgery will not be required.

Dosage and Admin

Horses. 2.2 mg/kg bodyweight (10 mL/450 kg bodyweight) once daily for up to five days. Cattle. 3 mg/kg bodyweight (3 mL/100 kg bodyweight) once daily for one to three days. Intramuscular injections should be given in the anterior half of the neck.


Gastrointestinal ulceration or severe renal insufficiency. Administration to animals less than 6 weeks of age. Safe use in pregnant mares has not been determined.
Precautions Avoid perivascular injection as irritation and inflammatory reaction may occur.


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