ilium Gentam100 Injection 100mL


ilium Gentam is for the control of gentamicin susceptible bacterial infections in dogs, cats and horses.

Product Information

Control of gentamicin susceptible bacterial infections. Dogs, cats. Infections of the skin, soft tissue, respiratory and reproductive tracts. Horses. Infections of the reproductive, respiratory and urinary tracts.

Dosage and Admin

Dogs, cats. 4 mg/kg. Administer intramuscularly or subcutaneously every 12 hours on the first day, then once daily thereafter. In life threatening infections use this dose every eight hours. Horses. 1.5 mg/kg bodyweight three times daily by intramuscular or intravenous injection. Intrauterine infusion: 20 to 25 mL diluted with 200 to 300 mL of sterile saline. Use aseptic technique. Infuse daily for three to five days during oestrus.


Administration to pregnant animals.