ilium Oxytet-200 LA


ilium Oxytet-200 LA is a long-acting broad-spectrum antibiotic indicated for the treatment and control of conditions caused by oxytetracycline sensitive organisms in cattle, sheep and pigs.

Packaging Material: PET

Available as 100mL and 25oML

Product Information

Treatment and control of conditions caused by or associated with organisms susceptible to oxytetracycline in cattle, pigs and sheep, including a large number of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, Mycoplasma sp., Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) and Rickettsiae.
Specific conditions. Cattle. Anaplasmosis, blackleg, diphtheria, actinobacillosis, pneumonia, foot rot, systemic mastitis, joint ill, navel ill, leptospirosis.
Pigs. Systemic mastitis, erysipelas, joint ill, navel ill, pneumonia, leptospirosis. An aid in the control of metritis?mastitis?agalactia (MMA) syndrome in sows.
Sheep. Foot rot, systemic mastitis, metritis, blackleg, joint ill, navel ill, pneumonia.

Dosage and Admin

Cattle, sheep, pigs. The standard dose is 1 mL/10 kg bodyweight by deep intramuscular injection into the neck. No more than 10 mL should be injected into any one site in cattle and no more than 5 mL into any one site in pigs and sheep. Standard aseptic precautions should be taken prior to injection. Treated animals should be clearly identified in such a way that they will maintain their identity during the withholding period.


Administration to horses, dogs or cats.