ilium Xylazil-100 50mL


ilium Xylazil-100 is an analgesic, sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant in horses.

Product Information

Sedation, analgesia and relaxation in horses.
Xylazil-100 is a useful sedative in the horse, allowing a number of procedures to be conducted more easily, e.g. ophthalmic examination, wound suturing and standing surgery (such as castration), etc. in association with appropriate local anaesthesia; stomach tubing or endoscopic examination of fractious animals, radiography, dentistry, bandage application and removal etc.
An effective premedicant for both ketamine and barbiturate anaesthesia.

Dosage and Admin

Horses. 0.5 to 1.1 mg/kg bodyweight (0.5 to 1.1 mL/100 kg bodyweight) by intravenous injection.


Use in mares in the last trimester of pregnancy; it may precipitate an early parturition or abortion due to its oxytocic effect on the uterus. Intra-arterial administration.