ilium Enrotril Oral Antibacterial Solution 30 mL


Available as 30mL and 100mL

Product Information

Primary indications for use in the dog and cat are: urinary tract infections, including infections with Escherichia coli, Proteus sp., Klebsiella sp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus sp. and Group D Streptococcus. Respiratory infections, including infections with E. coli, Streptococcus sp., Pasteurella sp., Klebsiella sp., Pseudomonas sp., Bordetella bronchiseptica, Staphylococcus sp. Deep pyodermas caused by Staph. intermedius including those infected with secondary invaders. Wounds, abscesses and discharging sinuses. Deep pyodermas, osteomyelitis and Gram-negative septicaemias. Ilium Enrotril is useful for treating serious antibiotic resistant infections of the respiratory tract or genitourinary system, particularly chronic urinary tract infections in cats.
Ilium Enrotril may also be used in exotic animals, small mammals, reptiles and avian species, to treat bacterial infections of the alimentary and respiratory tracts when clinical experience, supported when possible by sensitivity testing of the causal organism, indicates enrofloxacin as the drug of choice.
For use only in companion animals when culture and sensitivity testing indicate no suitable alternative.

Dosage and Admin

Use the contents of the vial within six months of initial broaching. Discard the unused portion.
Dogs, cats. The optimum dose of Ilium Enrotril in dogs and cats is 5 mg/kg bodyweight (equivalent to 1 mL/10 kg) administered once daily by subcutaneous injection. For the treatment of simple infections, Ilium Enrotril Antibacterial Injection may be used as the initial dose, with continued daily oral enrofloxacin dosage up to two to three days beyond the cessation of clinical signs. If no improvement is seen within five days, the diagnosis should be re-evaluated and a different course of therapy considered. In deep or complex infections e.g. pyodermas, discharging sinuses, extended courses may be required and progress should be regularly reviewed.
Exotic animals. In the absence of data, the following dosage and administration may be suitable for exotic animals. Small mammals. 5 mg/kg subcutaneously or orally, twice daily for seven days. Reptiles. 5 mg/kg intramuscularly or orally at 24 to 48 hour intervals for six days. Birds. 10 mg/kg intramuscularly or orally, twice daily for seven days.
Treatment may be initiated with Ilium Enrotril Antibacterial Injection and should be maintained by oral enrofloxacin dosage forms as appropriate. In all cases, the use of a tuberculin or insulin syringe and/or dilution of Ilium Enrotril with sterile water for injection should be considered for administration of very small volumes. In all species, vary the injection site when multiple injections are given.


Dogs. The use of enrofloxacin is contraindicated in dogs during the rapid growth phase. Ilium Enrotril should not be used in dogs under 1 year of age. Giant breeds may be in the rapid growth phase for up to 18 months. Care should be used in treating individuals of these breeds with Ilium Enrotril when they are younger than 18 months.
Cats. Ilium Enrotril should not be used in cats less than 12 weeks of age. The safe use of enrofloxacin in breeding female cats has not been established.
Do not use in food producing species of animals.